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Accurate degree Inc sells, installs, services, repair and provides maintenance on all makes and ages of heating and air conditioning units.

We carry a wide range of air conditioning and heating equipment. Listed below are just some of the manufactures we sell on a daily basis.


Choosing your air conditioning system

At ACCURATE DEGREE INC. we understand that there is wide variety of systems to choose from to heat and cool your home or business. Depending on the construction of your building, some systems may be more suitable and cost effective. Air conditioning units are quite often chosen without any understanding of their designs, components and workings. Important factors in this decision making process are proper sizing, type of units, installation and maintenance as there is an extensive choice to choose from. Another contributing factor is location of the units and the budget available. Below are some examples of air conditioning systems.

Traditional Ducted Split air conditioning
Conditioned air is distributed through a home or building from a central air handler.
By far the most common form of air conditioning systems that are installed, referred to as 'split' systems because they comprise an indoor (air handler) unit (installed in attic, basement, crawl spaces or closets) which re-circulates the air in the home delivering conditioned air to each room through ductwork branches, cooling it to your desired comfort.
The indoor unit is also connected to an outdoor unit (condenser), by a pair of copper pipes covered in an insulating jacket. The heat removed from the home or building is dissipated to the atmosphere by the outdoor condenser.

Ducted Systems
Ducted air conditioning is the quietest and one of the most versatile of all systems. It is often the most practical choice for large areas where air distribution is beyond the capability of ductless units. The grilles can be placed virtually anywhere you wish and will blend unobtrusively with any interior decor. These grilles allow uniform temperature distribution in large or heavily partitioned areas.
These systems can be concealed within the ceiling void and can heat/cool over large areas as the air is carried to ceiling mounted diffusers via ductwork above the ceiling.
All systems have the option of heat mode in addition to standard cooling and new technologies mean that they are extremely quiet when running and have improved energy savings when running too.

Single or Multi-split air conditioning (Ductless)
Operating in the same way as the 'split' system, single unit or the 'multi-split' system enables a number of indoor units
(mounted on a wall or ceiling ) which re-circulates the air in the room, cooling it or heating it to your requirements, to be individually controlled from a single outdoor unit. This is ideal when attic space and or outdoor space is limited.

You may already have an idea what type of system you prefer. If you are not sure which system would be the right system or you just need a second opinion please contact us 631-234-6531 or email us to review your options. We would be happy to assist you in making the correct decision.


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